Social Ambassador

What's The Deal

Social Ambassador aligns business, non-profit, and consumer passion and influence to create social change in the world. It's a cause marketing with a focus on CSR and employee engagement, while leveraging modern social media and marketing tools. We're all about philanthropy colliding with corporate sponsorship to give us "philanthroship."

How Does it Work?

When an Ambassador shares on Facebook or tweets a Social Ambassador campaign, the company makes a contribution to the selected charitable organization. With the majority of Facebook and Twitter members having dozens, or hundreds, of friends and followers, the social interaction does not take long to go viral with the user's network of contacts and the donations increase as more people get involved.

So, What's in it for You?

For those of us who spend hours every day on social media websites it allows us to create social change and empower others to do so. What's mind blowing is that by sharing or re-tweeting we are actually helping a cause. Seriously. It's that simple.

Going door to door to fundraise is soooo last century -- and with weather so unpredictable lately, who wants the hassle? Social Ambassador campaigns are designed to allow social media users to spread the word and go viral. Use your audience to make a difference in the world. What a feeling!